Mareeba, Atherton Tablelands

About Turkinje

We are an ANVAS and NIASA avocado accredited nursery adhering to high health practices required to achieve avocado production standards.

Why Turkinje

We source rootstock and scion material from disease free sources and conduct in production testing to ensure plants are viroid free.

Quality Assurance

We employ practices to ensure all products we sell are hardened and acclimatised to handle the conditions they encounter when planted on customer properties from the moment they leave our nursery.

Family-owned business

The Lavers family have been involved in the Avocado industry on the Atherton Tablelands since 1980. Turkinje Nursery has been in operation since 2007 as a wholesale fruit tree nursery with a focus on grafted avocado, mango, and citrus trees. Committed to producing fruit trees of the highest standard, pathogen, and disease free.