We source our rootstock and scion material from our own orchards as well as trusted suppliers who adhere to the highest level of industry standards to ensure we supply disease and pathogen free trees to our customers.

Our Approach

All our trees are viroid tested prior to dispatch as part of our accreditation to ensure we supply a healthy and robust product. All trees are hardened prior to dispatch so that they are ready for planting the moment they leave our doors.


We supply a range of varieties including but not limited to those listed below.

Hass · Shepard · Reed · Gwen · Wurtz · Sharwill

We supply seedling rootstocks and clonal rootstocks

The clonal rootstocks we supply are protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights and require signing of non-propagation agreements prior to ordering of trees. These rootstocks also incur one off royalty payments per plant.

Seedling Rootstock

Clonal rootstock
Dusa (Merensky 2 cv.)

ANVAS Accreditation

NIASA Accreditation